Should We Take Our Dogs To Work?

Should We Take Our Dogs To Work?

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Picture the scene – you are sat at your desk typing furiously away, it is 9am and you have an 8 hour day ahead of you. You are feeling stressed because although that may seem like a long time there are just never enough hours in the day and you have deadlines you aren’t sure you are going to be able to meet.

Then you feel a wet nose press into your leg, you look down and see puppy dog eyes looking up at you as a tail wags frantically back and forth.

You instantly feel calmer – and after a 10 minute break in the fresh air (so you aren’t cleaning poop off the office floor) and  giving your furry friend a tickle behind the ears – you feel ready to get back to work with renewed motivation. The result; you meet your deadlines and don’t feel drained at the end of the day.

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