33 Thoughts We Have During A Hangover

33 Thoughts We Have During A Hangover


We have all been there. Friday night downing shots of everything and anything we can get our hands on, plus all the wine / Spirits / Cocktails! You name it we are going to drink it because we are invincible and never feel ill from drinking too much! *Next morning* I am never ever ever drinking ever again.. well until the next time and the hangover is but a distant memory.

I get the WORST hangovers, I’m 99% guaranteed to still be throwing up into the evening every time- it got to the point I couldn’t remember the last time I was
ill and it wasn’t self inflicted. Why do we do it to ourselves! Here are 33 thoughts we have during a horrendous hangover:

1. *Wake up* either I’m still drunk or don’t have a hangover – Fan-bloody-tastic!

2. Ohh no here it comes..

3. I am NEVER drinking ever again!! Tequila does not make me happy.

4. I am going to lie in bed all day crying tears of regret over all the alcohol
I drunk and feel sorry for myself!

5. Why do I do this to myself! Whhhhy!!

6. Good. A text from a friend who drank the same amount as me and feels absolutely
fine, and do I want to go out for lunch? Why is life so unfair!!

7. There is nothing I would like more but there is no physical way I can leave my
bed. Probably ever.

8. But I should eat..

9. No BIG mistake. No way I’m eating anything for a long time.

10. I know I’ll take Nurofen. That will fix everything.

11. Oh wait, think that bottle of rose is on its way back up.

12. I’m going to Dieeee! This is it. This is the way it ends for me, with my head down the toilet.

13. I should look in my bag and I check I still have my phone and purse.. But I
just can’t bring myself to in case they are not there. Could not deal with that right now.

14. And there is no way I am ready to look in my purse and see how much money I spent last night. And I’m definitely not ready to face any texts or calls I may have made.

15. How did I even get to bed, why can’t I remember anything! I really didn’t drink that much…

16. Lovely photos appearing on Facebook… Ohhh is that Sambuca I’m drinking? I don’t remember drinking that. I hate Sambuca! Maybe I drank more than I thought.

17. Now I’m thinking about alcohol and alll I drank last night – think I’m about to see it again..

18. Ohhh gaaaad! What did I do last night, nothing embarrassing I hope.

19. I STANKK! Should really have a shower, but just don’t even have the energy.

20. Time to move to the sofa and watch TV for the rest of the day..

21. Oh no I’m too ill to even look at the screen, I’ll just nap through this.

22. I need a hug, from anyone! Please someone come and hug me.

23. Scrap that, no one can EVER see me like this.

24. MY Brain is broken. Just. Can’t. Think. Straight.

25. WHY do my friends have to text me and tell me what I did last night. If you hadn’t told me I would have been none the wiser and perfectly happy with that!

26. I should really try and eat something *nibbles on a crisp* Yep. That’s enough.

27. It’s 7pm and I’m still throwing up. Somebody help me!! I want my mummmmy!

28. 8pm and I’m starting to feel better, I need to go to Tesco and buy all the food
and ALL the drink. Water will not suffice, I need coke – that always help! Powerade, Ribena, Sprite, Fanta, Milkshake, Smoothies. I just need to drink everything!

29. Life is wonderful again. I made it through the most horrendous hangover 2
day ever!

30. Anyone going out tonight…?

31. Maybe not.. early bed time would be a much better idea!

32. *Next day* I still feel hungover?? How old am I!? I remember when I didn’t have a hangover at all.. OH wait, that was about 10 years ago!

33. I’m too old to still be drinking this much.

Next Friday = *REPEAT*


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