The BEST Festival

The BEST Festival
Were you one of the millions of people constantly pressing re-fresh on your computers Sunday morning, desperately hoping with each click you would be taken to the booking page to purchase a Glastonbury ticket?
I have never been to Glastonbury, but it’s not for want of trying. I have dragged myself out of bed with a hangover, ready and waiting for 9am to begin the battle for those tickets… and unfortunately, along with many others, all I had to show for it several hours later was repetitive strain injury.

Last weekend, 120,000 tickets were sold for the popular festival in just one hour and 27 minutes, leaving hundreds of thousands more disappointed as they watched their Twitter and Facebook fill up with excited statuses from those who had got the precious tickets.
 Bestival 2013
I would love to go, its greatness is shown through the demand for tickets alone. However, the last three years I have spent at Bestival, despite having been to other festivals, there is something special about this one.
So here are 10 reasons I think you should get over your Glasto disappointment and book your Bestival tickets:
1. There is not a mad rush for tickets. Although the festival always sells out eventually, there is no panic to buy them. You can buy your tickets when you are ready, not fight against millions of people and crashing websites in order to purchase.
2. Bestival offers a payment plan. This weekly plan spreads the cost of your ticket over the weeks leading up to the festival making it far more affordable.
3. It’s a mini-holiday. Ok, so the Isle of Wight isn’t that far away, but you have to take the ferry, so it feels like you are going on holiday.
4. The weather. Glastonbury has become associated with terrible weather, despite being in the summer it often coincides with a downpour. Although Bestival is in September the weather is usually perfect.
5. The theme. Each year Bestival has a different theme, which is apparent across the festival, from the design of the wristbands to the set up of the stage. This year was HMS Bestival, part of which included an extra stage, The Port, which was an actual boat. This leads onto my next point..
6. FANCY DRESS! If you are going to have a theme then you have got to have fancy dress and who doesn’t love dressing up!? One day over the weekend is the themed fancy dress, which festival-goers always put a lot of effort into. However, people tend to dress up across the weekend, I for one spent very little time out of my dinosaur onesie this year.
7. The line-up.. of course. This always consists of a real mix, from big name acts to those just emerging onto the music scene. Headline acts have included the likes of Elton John and Stevie Wonder, whilst others may never have been heard of. It is an opportunity to hear some real legends of the industry whilst discovery new and potential future legends. I have bought other festival tickets purely for the line-up and there has been almost too many great artists to see that you are constantly racing from stage to stage to catch a glimpse of them all. Bestival is far more relaxed and chilled out, I have bought my ticket before knowing the line-up because the music holds equal importance to the festival as a whole.
8. There is more to it than just music. There are so many different, interesting and exciting areas to explore. Each year I have discovered something new. Plus, at how many festivals can you visit lovely old ladies in a W.I cake tent!?
9. Appeals to all ages. Bestival is for the young to the old, and attracts a real range of people. Including families – which are catered for with quiet campsites and a kids area to keep them entertained. I hope I am still going there when I have a family!
10. Last festival of the season! When everyone has got the festival blues and Glastonbury is but a distant memory, you still have Bestival to look forward to.
I’m off to buy my Bestival ticket now….

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