A Spooky Tour of Burghley House

A Spooky Tour of Burghley House

Image via Burghley House Facebook page.

The long, dark, tree-lined driveway led us down to the house, a large silhouette against the night sky, covered in a blanket of mist – setting the scene as we arrived for the spooky tour ahead.

Burghley is a 16th century house, its history dates right back to 1555 when it was built and designed by William Cecil, Lord High Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth I. During October Burghley House opens its doors to take you on a spooky tour, enabling you to discover some of its more grisly and gruesome past… if you are brave enough!

Around 30 people gathered in the foyer, chatting among themselves in their pairs and groups. But, once the tour started and we entered the first darkened room those, who a few minutes ago were strangers, now clung to each other, the barrier of not knowing one another disappearing as our nerves got the better of us.

The tour, led by the Night Watchman takes you both inside and outside the stately home, although darkness and occasional low level lightning means you are unaware of exactly where you are as you are make your way down corridors, through rooms and out into the grounds.

The sound of screams pierced through the darkness as the creepy characters, hidden round most darkened corners and appearing when you least expect it, caused you to jump out of your skin.

The most sinister of them all is your tour guide who tells you tales of Burghley’s terrifying and ghostly past which, in the dark, makes you heart pound faster as you giggle nervously.

The end of the tour takes you underground, where a prisoner is chained to the wall – the scariest and darkest part of the whole tour, which makes you grateful to emerge back into the misty night sky unscathed.

The spooky tour takes place at Burghley House in Stamford from Wednesday 18th to Tuesday 31st October, hourly (from 6.30 – 9.30pm) every evening after the sun goes down. The tour last 50 minutes and is led by local “ghostly expert” Martin Tempest. Tickets are £16 but unfortunately are already sold out this year!

Do you think you are brave enough to explore Burghley in the dark? Then definitely look out for tickets next year or if you can’t wait that long, join in on the Stamford ghost walk.


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