Ibiza in October 

Ibiza Old Town

Ibiza is fast becoming one of my favourite places. I love that it is laidback and chilled but that you can also party until the sun rises if you want to, as well. We took advantage of both sides when we visited a couple of years ago for my friend’s 30th birthday at the end of August. 

This year we were looking for somewhere to go on holiday in mid-October. We simply wanted to spend a week relaxing on a beach and soaking up the sun. Although I was desperate to go to Bali, we couldn’t afford to go far and I wasn’t feeling very inspired by the destinations coming up on the list of top places to visit this month.

Eventually, after changing our mind on where we were going several times, we decided to check out what Ibiza would be like. The flights were cheap and the weather looked nice – with only a small chance of rain. So, with our fingers crossed it wouldn’t be the week we were there, we booked into the same hotel we stayed in during the second half of our last holiday. We knew we loved the beach at Port de Torrent and that it is peaceful, even during peak season, while still being in easy reach of San Antonio by boat or bus. 

On arrival, we discovered that, for an already quiet area, it was much quieter than usual. But, we were far from the only ones there. Plus, bar a few hours of rain early one evening, it was warm and sunny all week, ideal for sunbathing and swimming.

Tip: If you visit here don’t forget your snorkel, not only are there hundreds of fish swimming just off the shoreline, we also spotted octopus.

There are two things to be aware of. Firstly, the temperature drops in the evening and it can become quite chilly.

Tip: You’ll still be able to eat outside, but make sure you pack a lightweight coat or cardigan / jumper to wear.

Secondly, many of the restaurants have started to close, especially in this area. Only one – of several restaurants that line the beach here- was still open. One of the benefits of our accommodation is that it came with a kitchen, so we cooked on one of the colder evenings. Plus, there are still plenty of restaurants to choose from in San Antonio, which we did several nights. But, this usually lively destination is far from the party capital it is in the height of summer. We had a drink in a very quiet Cafe del Mar, next to a closed Cafe Mambo… although we didn’t come here for that this time, it was quite strange to experience, having been here early in the year previously.   

Tip: We arrived on the 12th and were told many restaurants close either on this day or the Sunday before, so head here early October if you want more choice.

If you want to experience Ibiza’s nightlife, then make sure you head here for the beginning of the month when you’ll catch the last of the closing parties. 

Tip: Cafe Mambo is the last one to close, this year it was the day we arrived – 12th October.

I’d avoid visiting at the end of the month as it looked like rain and much lower temperatures were forecast for the following week. Likewise, unless you arrive at the beginning of the month, I wouldn’t stay longer than a week.

So, if you are looking for an October break – Ibiza is perfect. Head here early for the tail end of the lively side and the parties or mid for peace and ultimate relaxation. 


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